Friday, May 27, 2011

Once More, With Feeling: Still Here, Or Back Again?

After a couple of years of writing this blog, I ceased and desisted for a period of a year or two -- I'm not even sure how long it has been. In any case, I am giving it another go.

I expect the subjects mostly will relate to faith and religion, but I'm not going to strictly limit myself. So, if anyone ends up reading what I write, you may find some variety of topics.

It is difficult for me to resist making facetious remarks about the recent prediction of the Rapture, scheduled for last Saturday, but now revised to occur the day after my birthday in October. One more shot at yellow cake with chocolate frosting -- my favorite!

Of course, the Mayans also figured it to be December of next year, and when the movie 2012 hit the big screen I saw only previews. What I couldn't understand was why the stars of the film were attempting to escape via airplane. My questions were: "Where are they going, if the world is coming to an end?" and "Why are they flying so low, dodging collapsing buildings and bridges? Why not gain some altitude and fly over all the obstructions in their path?" Perhaps if I bothered to see the film, those questions would be answered. I guess I'll never know...

Years ago, when I was in seminary in Indianapolis, my friend Clark Shearer and I actually visited a "Christian" bookstore downtown. Much to our amusement, the store was selling postcards featuring an artist's depiction of the Rapture. Of course, it was a 20th Century vision, not a biblical one, although a scripture reference was cited. Clark and I each bought several copies of the postcard and enjoyed reminding each other of it occasionally through the years.

It's a little frightening to observe people taking seriously such specific predictions, which, of course, have littered the Christian landscape for many, many years. Why such matters capture the attention of believers when it's so difficult to get some church folks to make a priority of the teachings of Jesus, escapes me. It seems to me that we all could stand to work on how we might give expression to Jesus' answer to the question, "Which commandment is the greatest of them all?"

Loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves would go a long way toward our living in the Realm of God here and now. And maybe the end of the world, Judgment Day, or the Rapture -- whatever you choose to call it -- wouldn't be such a pressing concern.

Besides, as I said to several people, I never got around to arranging with an atheist to take care of my dog...

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  1. O, come on. Loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself? That just sounds too simple. We've got bigger things to worry about, like; "Who's going to book a flight for our church, so we can fly above the Rapture?" and "Will they let us bring yellow cake with chocolate frosting on that flight?" and "Can't I just bring my dog with me?"! Sarcasm intended. Seriously, I'm very glad you are blogging again!