Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Frivolity

As I stood waiting to check-out at the grocery store I got caught up on the latest celebrity headlines and laughed out loud at photos of "stars" and their attempts, through surgery and injections, at stopping the effects of time on their glamorous faces. Naturally, the most unflattering pictures were published on the cover of one of the informative tabloids littering the counter.

Also catching my eye was a commemorative issue of Oprah's magazine, which always depicts herself on the front. This one celebrated her many years on television, and was emblazoned with quotes and teasers enticing us to buy and read about how her TV show changed lives and the world as we know it. Better grab it soon. It's a steal at $11.99.

Thinking that was the ultimate bit of Oprah awareness for my day, I was chastened to read online that someone dared refer to her as the "Antichrist." Now, I'm no fan, but I never entertained this particular notion.

The article states that "Oprah Winfrey is evil - that is, according to Mike Bickle, head of the International House of Prayer (IHOP). After a video of Bickle comparing Oprah to the 'Antichrist' uncovered by the People for the American Way Right Wing Watch surfaced earlier this week, entertainment sources including the Hollywood Reporter eagerly picked up the story."

I am not familiar with Mike Bickle, so I can only speculate about his credentials, spiritual maturity, and sanity. Likewise, his organization.

While I considered his prophetic insights regarding Oprah, I noticed the attached "slideshow" taking us through a list of other Antichrist candidates. Naturally, the Current Occupant and most recent past president were on the list, as were the pope and Sarah Palin. I understand people attaching such a label to them (and those who fill their slots in other times and eras).

But, others on the list surprised me. Prince William? What did he do? (What DOES he do?) Steven Spielberg? Even if you don't like his movies, that's no reason to suggest he will usher in the end of time!

One person on the list I never heard of is named Rebecca Black.

Supposedly, "Rebecca's first name means 'to tie' or 'to bind,' which, combined with her last name, could mean 'To tie to darkness.' And while the lyrics to Black's undeniably catchy hit song encourage listeners to engage in 'reckless rebellion' by 'jumping in an already crowded vehicle and taking off into Satan knows where,' it's the obsession with 'getting down' - the direction to Hell - which seems most damning.'"

OK. Also, I noticed in the photo she wears black fingernail polish - surely, a give-away!

I guess Antichrists come and go (John Lennon, MLK, Jr., Ronald Reagan, et. al.) and exist in the eye of the beholder.

But why must we spend so much time on figuring out who it might be? And why is it always someone well-known, powerful, or popular?

Me, I don't try to guess. Besides, people of faith know the outcome of whatever ensues when or if he/she/it appears.

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