Thursday, August 4, 2011

John 11:35 (KJV)

Perusing the "religion headlines" on a website, I was struck by the overwhelming number of stories and reports that had to do with violence, human discord and division, and downright hatred. I'm not aware of any faith that promotes spiritual growth, awareness, or peace through such adverse activities or mindsets. Yet, these dominate the "news" related to religious groups and issues.

One article describes how Christians reacted to the appearance of a self-avowed atheist on FOX News: "(Recently) Blair Scott, communications director for American Atheists, was on the FOX News show America Live with Megyn Kelly. As soon as Scott returned home after the show, his inbox began filling up with hate mail and threats. Equally distressing, the Fox News Facebook page was soon inundated with death threats aimed at Scott and atheists in general."

If you look at the article, you will see screenshots of Facebook postings that reflect poorly on "followers" of Jesus.

Some are referring to the Norway shooter as a "Christian Terrorist." He wrote over a thousand pages about how non-Christians should be removed from Europe. He did not propose that the removal should be accomplished through polite suggestion or invitation. (Of course, when many first heard reports of the bombing and massacre in Norway, the immediate assumption was that Muslims had something to do with it. What a surprise that it was a "follower" of Jesus.)

The bigamist on trial for sexually assaulting underage females objected to the charges and demanded that his trial be stopped immediately. When the judge thought otherwise, the accused pulled out a "letter from God" that promised "sickness and death" to those involved in calling him to account for his actions.

Meanwhile, churches are facing challenges, struggling for survival, even disappearing after many long years of existence and ministry. Some cannot imagine or understand why. After all, the Christian faith promotes new life, peace, hope, healing, and many other blessings. Correct?

Someone seems to be missing the point. Lots of someones.

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