Friday, August 19, 2011

...Neither Does Building An Ark

I'm sorry to follow up my previous post with another on the same subject, but it just annoys me that there is such dedication to the idea by some Christians that they must prove the Bible is "true." This time, it's the building of a gigantic boat that will be the main attraction of a proposed theme park in Kentucky. "Ark Encounter" will be the next project to be developed by the folks who brought you the Creation Museum, which "opened in 2007 and attracted worldwide attention for presenting stories from the Bible as historical fact, challenging evolution and asserting that the earth was created about 6,000 years ago."

Fine. If you want to spend time on that, go ahead, but I still don't see how constructing a boat 500 feet long by 80 feet tall proves anything. I also don't understand why it is deemed necessary to make such "proofs" in the first place.

Is it their own insecurity being worked out by the "Answers in Genesis" ministry that is behind all of this? Is it an effort to please God and "earn" a spot in Heaven? Is it an attempt at achieving moral or religious superiority? Is it viewed as an occasion for evangelism and conversion of non-believers?

I still maintain that the truth of scripture rings through when the lives of "believers" reflect God's love for humanity and Creation; when compassion and justice are chosen as responses to others instead of exploitation, violence, and oppression; and when the richness of the diversity of God's Creation is celebrated rather than disrupted and condemned.

When I see those and other all-too-rare occurrences, I think, "God is present." I don't need to have an ancient story "proven to be true" to recognize the truth that God wills life abundant and everlasting.

Just glean what you can about God from the witness of those who wrote what we now refer to as scripture and apply it in daily living. Develop a relationship with God through prayer, worship and other spiritual practices. Connect with fellow believers and draw on each other's presence, insight and experience to grow in your own faith journey.

Doing all of this, it seems to me, a person -- a believer -- will find truth overflowing.

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